Expert Mold Remediation Services

Expert Mold Remediation Services

In & Around Snohomish, WA

Butler Home Improvement LLC is trained to handle the entire mold remediation process

  • Testing
  • Stain removal
  • Elimination of mold and particulates

Many companies don’t actually test your home for mold, they just see some black spots and decide to start cutting into your wall. Well, I have good news for you—we do particle testing! The tools we use are certified by microbiologists. The test will tell us the quality of air within a dwelling and lead us to the source of mold. It can also tell us whether mold is present in a wall.

We only use the best products from Goldmorr USA

At Butler Home Improvement, we typically use three different tools from Goldmorr USA—GM6000, GM2000, and GMThermo.
The GM6000 is designed to penetrate porous surfaces, destroying all mold. So unless we know for sure your wet walls are too far gone, we will do our best to save the walls and save you money while ridding your home of mold. You can also mix it with bleach.

The GM2000 eliminates mold but does not harm anything on any surface. It removes particulates from air and is a non-mechanical air scrubbing system. It can be used on fabrics, leather, and much more. It works on all odors except for urine.

The GMThermo is very similar to GM2000. The main differeince is that it is oil based, and it is specifically designed for attics, crawlspaces, and large areas.

Mold will only grow where the water is or has been. This helps in working out the high-moisture areas that need to be treated. In the case of a roof leak, the water will follow a path of least resistance. Therefore, if the mold is growing behind a wall, it will be growing where the water has traveled. GM2000 will follow the path of the water as it is a moisture seeking product, using a fogging method to follow the moisture and, on contact, to spread out to cover the same area as the water path. Since the water has broken the surface tension and may be soaked through the wall, the GM2000 will follow it.

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